David Boni

Designing interfaces and branding on the metamorphic frontier in our digital world.

Selected Work ︎︎︎

Black Phoenix Games

I designed a logo and a website for the distributed video game studio, Black Phoenix Games, in 2021. The logo, a “black” phoenix, is meant to be the opposite of a regular fiery one: cold, sharp, in a perpetual solid state. I looked to crystals/glass, steel, and black holes for inspiration; things in the universe tempered under immense pressure and heat loss. The entropic conclusion of a star. The diligent formation of something special with fortune and skill.

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Cargo Collective

In 2012, I officially joined the Cargo team. For almost 7 years after, my work touched all aspects of the platform, the network, and the community. I worked on Cargo 1, Persona, and Cargo 2, as well as two secret projects. Though the visual design of the homepage has changed since I parted ways with the team in 2018, the new tools are still the same, and templates I worked on are still in use.

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I have worked with Aaron Wojack, a photographer based in San Francisco, on two iterations of his portfolio website. In 2020, we collaborated to make the latest version. Typeset completely in Avenir with a warm tan background, I wanted the site to have a modern Americana aesthetic and naturalness — the same kind seen in Aaron’s photos.

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Andrée Wallin

Andrée Wallin is a concept artist and director, dealing mainly with sci-fi content — for movies, games, comics, and trailers. I designed his logo and created each version of his website since 2010. He’s now creating concept art for Disney on the latest Star Wars movies, and directing his own short films and trailers for various studios.

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