David Boni

Designing interfaces and branding on the metamorphic frontier in our digital world.

Selected Work ︎︎︎


My name is David Boni and I distill ideas until they’re working solutions through design.

Much of my experience is designing for the World Wide Web: tools and templates (and now more popularly “design systems”), user interfaces, and branding that scales. For a nice 7 year chunk of my life, I worked on the site building platform known as Cargo which I believe gave me a powerful toolset in solving problems in a way that’s not just providing a silver bullet, but by using highly considered and detail-oriented creative frameworks informed by listening to people but also through uncompromising intrinsicness. Being at Cargo exposed me to the work of hundreds of thousands of creative folks at all experience levels and in every industry, working with every conceivable medium. It also afforded me the opportunity to try living in the eternally cloudless and sprawling Los Angeles for awhile where I met my wife.

I also worked on the Nike Training Club app (NTC) at Nike’s HQ in Oregon as it launched a premium digital subscription for the first time in 2019.

In my independent freelance practice, I’ve created branding & logos, user interfaces & experiences, typography, and websites for clients worldwide.

Primarily concerned with the boundless possibilities found within the always-changing, artificial frontier of the Internet and the simultaneously unending metamorphosis of visual communication across all mediums.

Currently home-based in Florida 🌴 and working for a new start-up shoe company named Atoms.